Day 1, ~560 miles. This trip was prompted by Wildman's passing as I wanted to pay my final respects. Left my driveway at 6:23am MST for Diamond Springs, CA where I was to meet Jack and stay at the Revander's digs that night.

Was a fairly cold ride to the Chevron in Jordan Valley, OR on Hwy 95 for fuel. Was shivering for several miles after hitting the road for my next stop at the Shell in Orvada, OR. Again, started shivering awhile enroute to Winnemucca til it warmed-up. Next, stopped in Lovelock, NV then on Mt. Rose Hwy just west of US-395 for gas/refreshments.

Pollock Pines, CA. Met Jack at Magoon's Saloon around 2:30pm PST, and wolfed down a cheeseburger here before following Jack down the backroads to the Revander's in Diamond Springs. There was too much road construction and traffic from the 431/Country Club Drive jct to Stateline along Lake Tahoe. ;^(

Day 2, ~250 miles. We rode from Diamond Springs to Los Gatos via Stockton, Santa Nella, Gilroy and Santa Cruz.

Diamond Springs, CA. Randog from Mt. Aukum met us for breakfast here at the Firehouse Cafe. We stopped for gas afterwards, and followed him down 49 awhile til he hung a left to his digs. Route was 49-16-124-88 to the Union 76 for a butt break and refreshments near Hwy 99. Onwards to Santa Nella via 88-99-4-5-33 for fuel and beverages. We took 33-152-101-152-1 out to Soquel to meet up with Kent at his shop, Mohler & Sons Vacuum.

Santa Cruz Wharf, CA. We followed Kent on his FLHX from the shop to Gilda's Restaurant on Santa Cruz Wharf for a late lunch before heading out to my MIL's digs in Los Gatos via Hwy 17 for the night. We went out a bit later to meet friends at Starbucks. I split to JW's place from there to hang with JW, Valerie, Melody, BobC, Julie and Dave before calling it a night.

Day 3, ~36 miles. We headed out to The Flames coffee shop for breakfast where Indian Bob, JW, BobC, and Sheldon joined us before heading out on a high speed blast to the funeral service in Mountain View.

Craig "Wildman" Dewart (12/04/49 - 8/13/06) was a native of San Jose, and a proud former member of the Viet Nam Veterans M/C. He had recently retired after more than 25 years as a technician at GTE/General Dynamics. Photo taken in Glacier NP by BobC.

Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary. A dozen of the ~30 scoots parked outside for the funeral procession.

Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary. Wildman's beloved gold RoadGlide now owned by his nephew, Josh, is on far left.

Cusimano Family Colonial Mortuary. Chilly, Spike, & Indy flanked by the hearse and priest just before Wildman's casket was loaded for his final ride.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. A shot of some of the bikes from the funeral procession with the hearse in background being unloaded.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. Other side of grass divider with more sleds including Scotty's CitrusGlide in the foreground.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. General overview of the chapel just before the eulogy was held.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. Opposite view showing part of the large cemetery where Wildman was to be laid to rest. Woman in red dress is Bunny, Scotty's wife.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. Old skool Shovelhead chopper parked next to Daveed's drag racing 'busa which did a huge, smokey burnout during the funeral procession. Wildman would've loved it.

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery. Old skool Shovelhead chopper with Surfer Bill and partially hidden RAW in background along with Wildman's RoadGlide.

Santa Clara, CA. Wildman's digs of many, many years where we had the wake. It's hard to believe that Wildman has joined the Big Biker In The Sky.

Day 4, ~260 miles. Since I was in California, thought I might as well ride on some of the best motorcycle roads in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on my way back to Boise; Ebbetts Pass, Carson Pass, and Monitor Pass.

Ebbetts Pass, CA. Hwy 4 was a grrreat road from roughly halfway btw Stockton and Angels Camp to the 89 junction. We took Murphys Grade Road from Angels Camp to Murphys which, while quaint and all, is one gigantic tourist trap. Too many cagers were driving on middle of the narrower sections on Hwy 4 which kept us on the edge. =8^O

Markleeville, CA. Grabbed a hearty lunch here at the Wolf Creek Restaurant which is still a popular biker hang despite the remodeling job that was intended to attract the more, uh, upscale diners and drinkers.

Markleeville, CA. Hwy 89 runs south through town to Monitor Pass and Ebbetts Pass. That's a black '03 Indian Chief parked outside in the foreground.

Woodfords, CA. Office of the Woodsford Inn where we grabbed a room. There were several other bikers staying here as well a couple of fishermen. No A/C, just fans. Checked in at 3pm then split for Kirkwood.

Kirkwood, CA. View of Trimble Peak (9727') looking south from Hwy 88.

Kirkwood, CA. Several motorcyclists heading west on Hwy 88 towards Jackson.

Caples Lake, CA. A very scenic lake at an elevation of 7798' located btw Kirkwood and Carson Pass.

Carson Pass, CA. It wasn't easy parking our rides in front of this sign facing east, and Jack's rear wheel got buried up to the rim in sand trying to get back onto Hwy 88.

Carson Pass, CA. Here's the flip side. Definately is a great ride despite all the Sunday afternoon traffic.

Carson Pass, CA. The Vistor Center also has restrooms with pit toilets (I blew into the one on right, which was unlocked, only to see a young lady using it which I greeted with "Oh, shyt!"). We rode down to a store near Woodfords, and got beer and snacks before returning to watch the Colts/Seahawks preseason game at the motel.

Day 5, ~508 miles. A fairly long day from Woodfords to Boise via Monitor Pass. Fortunately, it never got too hot that day although I took longer gas stops this time around.

Markleeville, CA. Had gone 140 miles since our last gas stop in Angels Camp the day before. Premium was a whooping $3.749 a gallon at this Markleeville gas stop. Still, cheaper than out in Big Sur. ;^)

Monitor Pass, CA. Rode right past this sign facing north, and had to return back here for a photo op. We were riding into the sun much of the way. ;^(

Monitor Pass, CA. Here's what's on the other side of Hwy 89 at the crest. Fairly easy to miss it altogether as it's that good of a road.

Monitor Pass, CA. Here's the view to the west from top of Monitor Pass. Can't recall if that's a burn-out, skidmark or a tar snake on foreground of road.

Monitor Pass, CA. Going downhill, we pulled over on this turnout to eyeball Slinkard/Little Antelope Valley down below to the south.

Topaz Lake, NV. Snapped this pic looking south from my booth inside the restaurant at Topaz Lake Lodge where we had breakfast before splitting up.

The West Walker River in Hoye Canyon along Hwy 208 before the Hwy 339 jct was the most amazing sight I laid eyes on riding btw Topaz Lake and Fernley in Nevada.

McDermitt, NV. My 4th gas stop of the day where premium was $3.459 gallon at this Texaco. Winnemucca Chevron was $3.459 gallon while the Shell in Fernley off I-80 was $3.359. Parked in the shade here for awhile before taking off for Jordan Valley. This town is an Indian Reservation.

Jordan Valley, OR. My 5th and final gas stop for $3.469 gallon. Took a 1/2 hour butt break here. Stayed a little longer than planned as the Sheriff parked behind me for awhile, and didn't want to take the chance of being cited for loud pipes. After he left, I split and got home about 90 minutes later. Has been two days since I got home, and still haven't washed the bike yet. ;^)